SHYN Infrarotheizung

Why shouldn't an energy-saving heating system also save space?

SHYN Wave / yellow

SHYN in Detail


It’s incredible that heat can be so cool. You see, a product designer developed SHYN’s look. Their task: create a device that integrates into any modern interior, to be inspired by the look of smart consumer electronics.

This is how we made SHYN’s cover, now available in three variants.

Design follows function – and that applies here, too. Because a surface of only 52 by 23 centimetres hides the infrared technology, which has nothing in common with the familiar infrared panels from the hardware store. The patented geometry of the four panels allows a 3-D heating effect, which warms not only the skin and walls but also the floor. No need for additional underfloor heating.

Of course, SHYN is certified by TÜV and carries the GS seal for tested safety. For an extra bit of feel-good.

SHYN Wave / yellow

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