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2016: Donald Trump is elected 45th President of the USA and Bob Dylan receives the Nobel Prize.

But what’s even more important: Thorsten Jürries is concerned with the question of how housing can be cost-effective, sustainable and future-proof at the same time. It’s about affordable housing, about reducing heating costs, and ultimately it’s about nothing less than a revolution. The idea for SHYN was born. 

Five years and several prototypes later, SHYN is ready for the market – just in time for the moment when heating costs are rising rapidly and climate change continues to advance.

SHYN alone will not save the world, as inventor Thorsten Jürries is well aware. But one thing is certain: SHYN will definitely make an important contribution to the heating transition. And since enthusiasm is contagious, a strong team is gradually building up around Thorsten.

Let’s start with a companion from the very beginning: Florian Peters, industrial engineer and former director at Wintershall DEA. He was immediately convinced by the SHYN concept and didn’t have to think twice about giving up his directorship at DEA for the step into self-employment. Florian Peters brings valuable know-how from the SME sector. 

Then there is Jörg Brennwald. He is a multiple award-winning product designer and turns the technically perfect SHYN prototype into an aesthetically perfect design object. The revolution is given its unmistakable face.

Chief developer Andrej Sartison and his team of now 8 employees are responsible for the inner workings. In various research and development stages, the marketability of SHYN is optimized permanently.

Today, 7 years after its foundation, SHYN is a company on an expansion course. With a fully developed product, the first major projects and a clear vision: to revolutionize heating so that the world has a future and housing remains affordable.

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