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Which is more affordable - a heat pump or SHYN?

Regarding the purchase price, SHYN is far more affordable than a heat pump heating system. Depending on the type of heat pump – expect to save more than two-thirds in total. Here is why: Heating pipes and radiators must not be installed. Underfloor heating is not required – meaning the floor does not have to be extended as high, which, in turn, saves on materials. And there are no maintenance costs with SHYN, as it is maintenance-free. Running costs for both systems strongly depend on various factors. In particular, the user’s behaviour and the house’s thermal insulation. In other words, one must decide individually.

Under which circumstances can SHYN make full use of its potential?

If a house is well insulated – which is the case for new buildings in particular – SHYN can provide considerable cost benefits. And if, on top of that, the house’s own photovoltaic system is used to cover part of the annual electricity requirements, not only is SHYN economical, but it also makes lots of sense environmentally speaking.

What about safety? Wouldn't such a device get quite hot?

Heating with SHYN is safe. Our units feature four infrared emitters of varying power levels, which are extremely efficient due to the high proportion of infrared rays they radiate. And yet the temperatures achieved are significantly lower than those produced by a fireplace and its exhaust air. Besides, a professional fire protection expert accompanied our entire product development and still does.

Yes, the design is beautiful. But can SHYN also make itself invisible?

Yes, SHYN can also be flush-mounted. In this case, involving us as early as possible in the planning phase of the new construction or renovation makes sense.

Is infrared radiation harmless to one's health?

Yes. Infrared radiation is not to be confused with ultraviolet light and is not related to X-rays or microwaves. Infrared is the name given to the part of the light that generates heat – which, for example, infrared saunas also use. It is comparable to the pleasant, cosy warmth of a tiled stove. Additionally, SHYN delivers health benefits by not whirling up dust while heating, and it also prevents mildew growth on the walls.

How about electromagnetic fields?

Building biology reports show that SHYN is also harmless in this regard. A test comparing it with modern monitors found that it falls below all the applicable limits in this area.

Is it complicated to operate SHYN?

No. Operating the units is very simple and, above all, very smart. True to our Plug & Heat philosophy: plug it in, and it gets warm. Operation via mobile phone or tablet is optional – individually per unit or via a central control unit. And you can also integrate SHYN into any smart infrastructure.

How reliable are the SHYN units?

SHYN’s simple and robust technology ensures high reliability and fail-safe operation. Our devices are entirely Made in Germany, TÜV tested, and EMC certified. They come with a seven-year warranty.

SHYN heats with electricity. Isn't that quite expensive?

Far less expensive than one might think. Simply because SHYN allows precise demand-based regulation and control, e.g. when integrated into a smart home or IoT system. With SHYN, the warmth is always there where needed, there are no energy conversion losses, and the soothing warmth is available immediately – without a long warm-up phase.

Can SHYN work well in a commercial environment?

Yes. For instance, in open-plan offices, it can heat different spaces according to need. Within production halls and warehouses, you can selectively heat individual areas where people work without wasting heat energy. As a result, it is possible to reduce heating in the entire room, which can significantly reduce overall energy costs.

How does the use of infrared technology affect the construction costs of new buildings?

Using SHYN as the primary heating system reduces construction costs significantly. A heating or technical room is not necessary. Neither is underfloor heating, which makes a lower prefabricated flooring construction possible. There is also no need for a domestic connection to the gas or district heating supply. And there is no need to install water-bearing pipe systems, a central heating system or voluminous hot water tanks.

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